What to look out for when getting educational toys for autism

I am a special educational teacher at a center where we take care of kids who are living on the autism spectrum disorder as well as cerebral palsy. Most of the times, we are usually tasked with the chore of looking for toys that are going to help the kids in their development as well as educating them. Here we discuss educational toys for autistic toddlers.

iq builder stem learning educational toys for autism toddlers

When you are buying toys for your autistic toddler, you are most probably looking for something engaging that is going to keep your kids on their toes while at the same time helping them learn how to speak as well as how to interact with others. We call them educational toys for autism and in this post we are going to look at some of the things that you need to look into when buying your toys for the kids.

  • Need to be sensory

Autistic kids are craving for tactile feedback. They want to feel touched and it has to be a strong touch. They are therefore encouraged to look for sensory toys such as the body sox that is sensory and make them feel relaxed despite how anxious they might have turned out to be owing to the situation they are in.

  • Educative since the kid is in school

The toys need to be educative capturing both theory of mind as well as creating social interaction so that the kid can slowly learn how to effectively and in a healthy way speak with others. They also need to learn just like normal kids how to pronounce words in the right way, how to read, listening skills as well as mathematical skills. Therefore, we go for toys that tell them about memorizing the alphabetical letters, number games, puzzles as well as engaging story books to enhance their reading skills.

  • Encourage social interaction

You want your kid whether verbal or non-verbal to develop friendships with others. This is something that most autistic kids struggle with but as a parent, you can make things easier for your kid by getting them toys that foster them to speak with each other as well as begin conversations.

  • Enhance imagination and creativity

A good toy needs to enhance creativity and imagination so that your kid can be innovative as well as know how to react in different occasions and situations.

  • Need to be sizable

We need to go for toys that are sizable enough so that the kid can play with them comfortably and at the same time they are not likely to swallow them.

Headphones for Autism

Autistic People And Audio Sensory Overload: How to Deal with it

While you and I might not give a hoot to all the noises, the hustle and bustle of town or even village life, there is that autistic person who is so much perturbed by all the hullabaloo and noises. And they cannot hide that the noises are distracting them. They lack focus and cannot concentrate on anything; at least not with all that noise. What happens is that autistic people usually have audio sensory overload; they are overstimulated by light, touch and even sounds. So they will not be able to ignore the blaring of car horns on the roads, kids chatting animatedly and cheering at school or even disco music. So to avoid all these, they will tend to block their ears with their hands, run away from the noise or fidget anxiously showing you that they are not comfortable at all. The worst case scenario is when the child or autistic adults gets a meltdown.

As a parent of an autistic child, when you notice these characteristics, here as some things to do:

  1. Move the child from the noise as quickly as possible
  2. Look the kid straight in the face and calm them down. You could hug them and reassure them that everything is okay
  3. Stop the noise as quickly as possible if you can. If for example it is the radio blaring with music, then you could move with haste to turn the volume down or turn it off altogether.
  4. Block the child’s ears as you look for a way out.

In whatever you do, don’t reprimand the child because they are not throwing tantrums. They are just overwhelmed by the noise. Reprimanding them will only make them overreact and they could feel that you do not care.

Snug Headphones for Autism

Now to avoid all these and thanks to technology, we have some cool noise cancelling headphones that introduce an ambient secondary noise pleasant to the ears of the autistic individual and blocking the primary noise. The technology behind all these is known as active noise control. One of the most popular, lightweight and effective noise muffling earmuff is called snug headphones. Now a pair of snug headphones for autism will cut a very small dent into your pocket but you will love the snug fit onto your kid, soft padding as well as its NRR that shows that it is able to cut out as much noise as possible.

The only thing I did not like about the snug headphones for autism is that they are made from a rather feeble plastic material and are therefore to break with ease. But if you are buying for rather bigger children who will take care of them and will not go ahead dropping them or trying to see how brittle they are, then you can go ahead with it.

Where to use earplugs for autistic individuals

You will want to have your kid wearing the headphones in the noisiest of places including:

  • School hallway
  • Public transport bus
  • Disco
  • Public cinemas
  • School concert

Things to look out for when buying noise reduction headphones for autism

We have compiled a list of the things that you must look out for before buying your earmuffs for autism. So here they are:

  • Noise reduction rating

The noise reduction rating is usually in decibels. We advise people to get one that has an NRR of between 20 to 26 decibels; anything less than 20 is not good enough and will not muffle the sounds, anything more than 26 is too much and could completely block even the most necessary of noises. Blocking noise is way different from reduction—when you reduce, you muffle the background noises so that the kid does not have sensory overload. When you block though, you are cancelling all noises so that the kid will not hear when you talk to them or even hear when a car is honking them to get off the road.

  • Soft Padding

For children, you will require that they wear headphones that have soft padding so that the earmuffs does not cause them any discomfort.

  • Clamping force

You want a headphone that will not cause any injury or pain on the wearer. So get one with low clamping force.

  • Smooth edges

Related to the clamping force and soft padding, you want a headphone that will not cut or bruise your kid due to rough edges or sharp corners.

  • Lightweight

For the purposes of babies, you want headphones that are small but covering the ears while at the same time lightweight so that the kid does not feel the weight while walking around with them.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Creates a halt in my normal fitness programming

I had vowed to take one sport at a time, every month, the whole of this year so as to improve on my health, cut on my weight as well as keep fit. But things were not going to be that simple. Not with the onset of rheumatoid arthritis. Now for those who do not know, rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that affects the joints on your hands as well as the legs causing untold pain as well as stiffness such that you are literally unable to hold onto anything heavy. When my doctor diagnosed me with arthritis, I almost told him to shut up. Because I thought that arthritis is just another old people’s problems, just like dementia or Parkinson’s. How wrong I was. The doctor told me that arthritis, and to be specific rheumatoid arthritis which is the disease that I was suffering from can develop at any age whether you are an infant or an old geezer.

Needless to say, the damn rheumatoid arthritis saw me abruptly stop my exercise regimen. I could also hold no sports equipment. And that had to include my lovely golf stick which was a Father’s day gift from my lovely eight year old daughter, dumbbells and bike. I had to ditch all of them and I can tell you for sure that this was pretty painful to do.

You see my first month had to do with biking. And I did exceedingly well. In the matter of one month, I had cut down on my weight from 80kgs to 70kgs; a sheer and cool 10 kgs down. I was ready for the task and was going to continue doing so. My legs were also well toned and shapely with my muscles protruding for everyone to see the fruit of my labour. For the first time in my life, I felt that I was well ripped.

The second month, I did some weight lifting. And since I did not have an insane amount to spend at the gym, I opted for buying home equipment such as dumbbells and ab rollers to use. And that way, I ended up with some good abs; perfectly chiseled, I dare say.

The third month, I was to do golfing. The truth of the matter is that I was no expert. And neither had I ever tried it out. My friends were also new to the sport. And so we were sure to have a rough time doing it. But there was no way that we were going to show it. We would laugh it off. And then the morning stiffness when we were to do the golfing started. And there was no way that I was going to play golf. The morning stiffness was coupled with a fever and fatigue and for sometimes, I thought I had malaria. Little did I know that it was rheumatoid arthritis that was peeking its ugly face into my system.

My friends would not hear that I was not going to play golf. After the diagnosis that showed that I truly had RA, they started looking for solutions. And luckily, they found some great wrist wraps arthritic golf gloves that have aided me a big deal in curbing the problem.

Four Ways to Make Your Kid Speak Faster

We all want our kids to speak faster, to be the fastest in the sports lane, to be the funniest and the most energetic. We never visualize them as being slow. But the truth is far from that. Nature gives us lemons though we want apples. Parents who get nonverbal kids or those slow in speech have a hard time. Here we look at how things can be fast tracked a little bit.

Nature is funny. It gives us what we never thought we would have. I say this because I have dealt with many parents who have had nonverbal kids and seen the struggle that they go through. Here we go through the different ways that parents of nonverbal autistic kids can speed up communication in the kids.

Imitation Breeds Perfection

​As your child babbles and makes all sorts of mumbo-jumbo sounds that are incoherent, do not ignore them. Show them that you understand what they are saying and even go ahead to respond to their incoherence. This way, the child will appreciate their babbling and see it as a form of communication that need to be bettered.

Get them some play things with audio 

​You can get your kid toys and games that have audio systems. This means that it needs to have a speaker and batteries. A good example given in the Monterabbi blog by Eshter Wells is the Melissa and Doug Farm Animals puzzle with sounds. How the game works is that the child fills out the puzzle which involves getting animals in the slot and once you have the animal it the right slot, you are rewarded with a sounding off of the animal. Say for example that you have placed a cow in its rightful place, you will be rewarded with a moo sound.

After sometime of the child getting used to the game, you can remove the batteries so that the kid has to sound off themselves without having the game do it for them.

One word after the other, never a stream of words

You need to be slow when speaking with your kid. Have them master one word after the other. For example when you want them to pick a spoon, you can say the word spoon and point the object wherever it is. This way the kid will slowly learn to connect the word spoon with the object. Kids are curious being and they also like pleasing you. So they will want to say the word spoon so as to please you.

Obesity and Urinary Incontinence in Australia

A research conducted in 2018 showed that approximately two thirds, or 67 percent of the people in Australia are obese. A city like Queensland has actually been called the city of overweights. So big is the problem that diet pill sellers as well as gym equipment merchants are making a kill in the country. With obesity comes a big problem of urinary incontinence. This is because with extra weight on your waist, there is a lot of pressure exerted on your urinary bladder so that urine drips out of the bladder even before it is full.

Incontinence for obese people in Australia becomes an even bigger problem as one ages or have health problems. Most seniors have been found to have a urinary incontinence problem. Patients with diabetes have also been found to have an incontinence problem since their nerves are mulfunctional and as such they are not able to get a good message sent to the brain that their bladders are full.

But all hope is not lost. One can still use the following products so as to contain their incontience:

Male pouchs and penile clamps

The penile clamp extends and covers the penis so that all urine goes into it.

Female diapers and pads

Just like baby diapers, adults can also wear diapers. Most men though feel very uncomfortable at the thought of wearing diapers or something that looks like a sanitary pad. Women are howerver comfortable since they have been used to pads all throughout their lives


People who have a dire urinary incontinence problem can put on catethers. However the catether is a bit uncomfortable for most people since they feel that it is a burden to carry their urine all the way

Bariatric incontinence briefs

People who are battling with incontinence can always use bariatric incontinence briefs which have been found to fit perfectly in the plus sized Aussies. The brief looks discrete enough and actually looks like a normal boxer. It has maximum absorbency so when you are wearing it, you need not worry that you will be embarrassed when infront of people when your bladder gets full.

The brief is mostly used by men because it looks like a man’s underwear. It sticks well and so you need not worry that it will slip off when you least expect it. It also has good fabric that will not irritate your skin.

Anti-Shake Spoon for People with Parkinson’s Disease(PD)

Anti-Shake Spoons for People with Parkinson’s disease

The likelihood of a Parkinson’s patient to mess the whole dining place up during feeding time is very high. For this reason they may dread feeding time to avoid the embarrassment that comes with it. What then can be done to ensure these patients maintain their dignity and enjoy feeding time once again? There are various adaptive utensils that have been invented to ensure that patients are feeding better. In this article we will explore anti-shake spoons for PD patients.

Research shows that using these spoons reduces the impact of shaking in PD patients by 76%.

Anti-shake spoons come complete with a micro chip, sensors, attachments and an electronic handle. The electronic handle recognizes the position of the hand and its tip automatically moves to keep the spoon level.  The micro chip and sensors enhance the work of the electric handle by detecting the force and direction of the hand tremor. It then moves in the opposite direction to offset the shaking.

The inventor of the spoon recognized that PD patients need to use forks and soup spoons too, hence the interchangeable attachments that come with the handle. Different companies have different policies on the availability of the extra attachments. Anti-Shake spoons are normally rechargeable so can be used for a long time depending on the company.

Some of these spoons are reviewed below:

Gyenno Parkinson’s spoon

gyenno anti shake spoon

This anti-shake spoon is easy to hold because of its non-slip ergonomic design. It weighs 130 g so it’s light enough for the patient. You do not have to worry about the material used to make it since it is made of medical grade silicones that ensure safe- eating experiences.

It has an automatic sleep mode once it detects that nobody is using it. This significantly reduces power consumption. Still on power consumption, it comes with a replaceable battery.

Liftware Steady Spoon

liftware spoon for Parkinson's disease

This is the most appropriate spoon for PD patients whose tremors have not progressed much. It comes with attachments that include a soup spoon, a joint spoon and a fork. It also has the option of purchasing other attachments separately. However, there have been complaints about its life. It breaks easily and this makes it a very risky investment.

Bunmo Adaptive Set

bunmo adaptive spoon

The best thing about this is that it comes as a near complete dining cutlery set; a fork, a spoon, a soup spoon and a joint knife. It only lacks a butter knife. This means that you do not have to buy additional attachments. Holding onto cutlery can be a hard task for PD patients. This set has an ultra wide handle making it easier for the patient to grasp and hold onto it. The limitation of this set is that it has been found to be a little bit heavier for the PD patient.

A spoon is portable so you do not have to worry about taking your PD patient out for dinner since you can carry the spoon. You might even inspire dining places to start offering specialized cutlery which will be a win for PD patients.



Preventing Falls by Dementia Patients

When people get Alzheimer’s dementia, they are highly likely to do things that they would never attempt were they doing okay. Alzheimer’s dementia mostly affects old people and is a neural degenerative disease. One of the biggest risks that they have to live with is the risk of falls from the bed when they are getting up. They also risk getting lost since most of the times they want to wander away and this could lead them to easily getting lost.

While working at an elderly home, I have found out that medical caregivers and nurses can avert this dangers by getting some bed leaving alarms or even pagers that will alert them whenever the elderly person is at the brink of getting lost or falling off from the bed.

According to Hosiped, the bed alarm should be placed under the mattress pad where the patient is sleeping and anytime they are attempting to get out of the bed, the bed alarm will detect such movement and alert the caregiver who should then promptly head over to where the elderly person is lying and help them out of the bed without causing any dangers.

How to minimize risks of bed falls

  • Make sure that the elderly has gone to pee before bed so that they do not feel the urge and go to the toilet unsupervised.
  • Make sure that the bed has bed rails
  • Make sure that the patient is comfortable
  • The bed room should be kept moist free to avoid falling
  • Have motion sensors in the patient’s bedroom that are going to detect any movement that might cause a fall.
  • Have pets near the patient as they tend to make them feel loved and have companionship around them—which is a thing that most demented person do crave.
  • Have them well fed because they might want to get out of bed and grab some food and in the process, they might fall and injure themselves.

How to treat erectile dysfunction using natural methods

Let me point out this: I hate Viagra and Cialis. With a passion. They are unhealthy and hazardous. I would never recommend these two pills even to my worst enemy. Why give a boner pill to someone that will serve them for only a few minutes and cause them cardiac problems in future?

Viagra and Cialis are not permanent ways to cure erectile dysfunction. They only work for a while and then stop. You have to take them through and through if you still want to get a boner.  They are also expensive and the guy selling you these drugs is smiling all the way to the bank because they know that you will be a repeat customer. It is a rat race.

Fortunately, there are natural ways to cure erectile dysfunction permanently. Infact, there are enhancement pills such as testogen and male extra that work fast and are more permanent when taken over time as shown in the article: [BEST] 2 Male enhancement pills that work fast and permanently in 2018

But before we go into that, let us understand how the penile erection happens.

How an Erection happens


Your penis contains a spongy chamber called the corpora cavernosa that is responsible for getting hard and long. While at the gym or doing other things, the space is empty

When you are sexually stimulated either by talk or touch, your brain releases nitric oxide that goes to the erectile tissue in the penis. The erectile tissue on the other hand opens up the blood arteries and closes the veins so that blood comes into the penis and does not flow out. This maintains your erection.

What causes ED?

People with erectile dysfunction do get aroused but the arteries do not open up fully and thus their erections are flaccid or non-existent. Causes of Ed include:

  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Diabetes.
  • Hypertension.
  • Hyperlipidemia.
  • Cancer.
  • Obesity.
  • Age.
  • Stress.
  • Anxiety.
  • Drug use.
  • Excessive alcohol.
  • Smoking.
  • Certain medications.

So what are the natural ways in which they can cure this erectile dysfunction?

Exercise regularly and lose weight:

People with obesity and high weight are more likely to suffer from Ed as opposed to those who are lean and do go to the gym often.

Reduce stress: when you are stressed, the brain might not send the nitric oxide that brings about erection. People with depression and stress are therefore advised to have a sound mind before they try any ed medication

Quit drugs: Durgs such as alcohol and cigarettes make you unable to get or maintain an erection.

Eat healthy food: Foods rich in zinc, magnesium and boron such as oyster, fish and chicken have been found to boost testosterone levels and therefore end up making you sexually active.

Take natural supplements: such as l-arginine, horny goat weed and yohimbe.



Why I didn’t Like Performix Sst

So I come across this performix weight loss sst review that was praising performix as a diet pill that would help me lose all the stubborn fats around my love handles and torso area and I completely sold.  I was to reap from these benefits and I therefore go ahead and buy the supplements from amazon.

performix sst

My weekly results using performix sst fat burner

Week 1:

I do my gym, take the performix as shown in the pack. I know that results will start showing in week 2. However at end of week 1, I feel lighter and more stronger to exercise.

Week 2:

Really sweating it out in the gym. My appetite is also suppressed. Feeling full most of the time.

Week 3:

My sleep has been affected. Checking the scales though, I feel motivated, I have lost 19lbs so far. My love handles are almost non existent.

Week 4:

Final week and I have lost 21lbs. Performix is indeed great in thermogenesis.


Performix sst is indeed a strong thermogenic fat burner that gets you really ripped. It does this by its unique blend of ingredients such as theacrine, eviodamine, yohimbine, kinetiq and caffeine. It however have very strong side effects such as lots of sweating which I think is because of the much heat generated from your body during thermogenesis.

You will also feel dehydrated after all the sweating and I would therefore advise anyone who is about to take it to be ready to take lots of water for hydration lest you pass out in the gym or feel a dry mouth.

What I loved about it

I was able to lose 20lbs in the 1 month. That is crazy considering that other weight loss supplements take so long before you see any tangible results.

What I loved most about performix however was the fact that I was able to lose my love handles. You see I had tried doing everything to get rid of those ugly obliques but unfortunately, nothing seems to work. All the supplements I tried made me lose weight but the stubborn love handles remained. It is then that I found a study about alpha 2 receptors and how they can be effectively blocked using yohimbine. Since yohimbine is in the performix, it saved my day.

What I didn’t like about performix sst

For one I did not like the much sweating that I went through the one month.

Due to too much caffeine in the product, I was not able to sleep for a long period. I should have read that I ought to take it only during the afternoon hours and not anything past 4.00pm.

I suffered from diarrhea, nausea and a dry mouth. This was not any good for me despite the large amount of weight I lost using the supplement. I would never go for it again, not unless the manufacturers do something about such side effects.


Why you should not NEVER buy phenq from amazon and what to do instead

We have already pointed out that there are a lot of scammers in the weight loss industry. Interestingly, people seem not to get this because everyday I am faced by people who have been scammed after buying phenq diet pills from unscrupulous sources. It seems that people just like being scammed because the only source of information I trust on this diet pill is phenq reviews 2018.

So how does the scam work

It works through amazon. Yes, I just said that. But I am not blaming the giant ecommerce site in any way. If anything, amazon is just a marketplace and they get so many suppliers that they are not really able to know the best from the scammers.

That said, how are the scammers ripping off people on amazon

In a post titled Phenq from Amazon, Gnc and Walmart, the writer clearly indicates how you get scammed off phenq.They are selling phenq right but when you check the ingredients, they are nothing but placebos or will have adverse side effects. All that they are doing is branding the placebos as phenq owing to how reputable the brand is. Call it identity theft and I am sure the manufacturer is doing some litigation. But that should not make you just relax. No, do your due diligence any time you buy weight loss pills.

The real phenq contains

  • Caffeine
  • Capsimax powder
  • Nopal
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Chromium piccolinate

The fake supplements lack these ingredients or are made with other ingredients and have therefore not been tested for their efficiency.

Again if you buy your diet pill from these stores, you fail to get the following

Money back guarantee

If you buy your supplement from phenq.com you get a 100% money back guarantee in case the product does not work or comes in wrong packing.

Free Shipping

Phenq website does not charge for shipping. Amazon, gnc and Walmart might charge for this.

Offers and discounts

The official phenq website gives very tempting offers, coupons and discounts which gives you value for your money.

Quality guarantee

As we have mentioned, buying at phenq gives you an assurance of quality. Buying at other stores does not guarantee this.

Customer support

The phenq website is structured in such a way that when you arrive, you are met by this awesome and well layout website that lures you. They also have a support chat system incase you want to ask any kind of question.