Why You Need Diabetic Shoes

The CDC recommends a good homecare regimen for diabetics, which includes wearing the right socks and shoes. The right shoes are diabetic shoes.


Why would the CDC recommend diabetic shoes?


Relieving Plantar Fasciitis

diabetic shoes

Plantar Fasciitis is more common in diabetics.


The condition occurs when painful inflammation develops in the plantar fascia, a fibrous band of tissue supporting the arch at the bottom of your foot.


A good diabetic shoe features an orthotic insole which supports your foot arch in an anatomical posture. This keeps your plantar fascia from overstretching and being overloaded, the contributing factors that cause painful inflammation.


Managing Diabetic Neuropathy


Diabetic neuropathy occurs in 60% to 70% of diabetics.


According to the National Institute of Health, this form of nerve damage to your feet can:

  • make injuries take longer to heal due to restricted blood flow
  • make you lose sensation so you can’t easily detect injuries, which go untreated
  • lead to infection on the unnoticed and untreated injuries


Therefore, well-cushioned diabetic shoes will prevent injuries in the first place, so you don’t end up with nasty and costly infections. In fact, you should never go barefoot even indoors, to avoid injury. And always check your shoes before wearing, for any pebbles or harmful objects.


Preventing Blisters, Corns and Calluses


Considering the importance of avoiding injuries which lead to infection, even the simplest of injuries must be avoided. These include blisters, corns and calluses.


Shoes that don’t fit can cause blisters. Hence, shoes for diabetic people are always roomy inside and well cushioned to avoid such a scenario.


Also, corns and calluses occur due to too much rubbing or pressure on one spot. Therefore, proper shoes for diabetics according to Thenaturalremediesfordiabetes.com are designed with interior foam padding to cancel out all pressure points.


Important Note


Although shoes for diabetics offer great benefits, you must first get used to wearing them. This means wearing them for about an hour a day initially, before you feel completely comfortable.


Overpronation running shoes

overpronation in shoes

You are trying thick and thin to lose weight, right? So you get some good shoes for running so as to beat off those excess pounds of weight. However, another problem arises. You get overpronation of the feet.

Overporonation is a condition whereby the feet roll inwards as one steps on the ground. With this condition, your running efficiency is greatly reduced and you also stand a chance of injuring yourself during a run.

To get us started, here’s a few ways of determining if you are overpronated or not.

Overpronation tests

  1. You can visit a podiatrist for purposes of having him analyze your gait. This method will give you the most accurate results of the pronation test.
  2. Another way to go about this is to have a look at your shoes, which you use when walking or running, and see where they have worn out the most. If the shoes are worn out on the inner part of the sole, then you are over-pronated.
  3. Lastly you can do the ‘foot print test’. For this test, dip your foot/feet in some shallow water to wet the sole of your feet. Then you step on a floor or a piece of paper that will show your footprint once you step on it. If the wet strip is more than half the width of your foot, chances are you over-pronate.

Overpronation running shoes features

  1. The pair of shoes should have more support and better cushioning that those of a person of neutral pronation.
  2. Availability of added cushioning and a means of absorbing shock at the heels. This can be provided by, for instance, by having a heel wedge.
  3. The midsoles should be firm for better arch support.

These are not all the features that you should look out for. Moreover, manufacturers will have varying technologies and go on to give them fancy names. This can be even more confusing.

However, a review such this one for best running shoes for treadmill will point you in the right direction towards getting a pair of overpronation running shoes. Therefore, it becomes much easier to make your decision on which pair of shoes to buy.

At the same time, you need to make sure that the shoe is diabetic healthy.

Weight Loss

I started reading this awesome blog on beststeroids2018.blogspot.co.ke and bumped on this compelling set of information that I just can’t consume alone. I really need to share it. The blog centred on one thing, do not just trust information. Only trust great info from relevant people.

Weight Loss Scammers

The worst thing about being overweight in the 21st century is not being ridiculed, feeling out of place or have self-esteem issues. No, the worst thing is being scammed right, left and center. You see, we are in a generation where everyone pretends to be a guru in what they do despite the fact that they know zilch.

So you will bump into these bloggers who call themselves weight loss experts who are going to advise you to buy a certain weight loss supplement but my dear friend, most of those know nothing about nutrition. They know nada about weight gain and should therefore advise no one on how they can slim or get ripped.

They will advise you about products to buy but they end of hurting you. Say for example that someone asks that you buy shoes but they end up getting you a problem like feet overpronation.

In this age of the internet and where every Tom, Dick, Harry, their dogs and grandmothers have a blog, you should look out from whom you are reading.

So, how do you differentiate the chaff from the wheat?

  1. Certification

Any serious fitness blogger should post their certification on their blog so that we can trust them. The diploma should be from a highly reputable institution of higher learning or otherwise, they will scam you.


Look at the comment section and see who else has bough the product being marketed. Are they satisfied

  1. Positive reviews all through

If the writer is doing a positive review of every product and claiming that they have used them all, that is scam written all through. Do not touch their products. Even in the most natural markets, the seller has not tried everything and therefore cannot vouch for all.


  1. Linked out

Check who is linking to the blogger. If authority sites, then they are good to read from. If they are linked out by low quality blogs, then they could be spammers who have paid little for the low quality links. By authority sites, we are talking of sites such as Forbes, Webmd, Medicinenet etc.

Arch Sleeves and braces


Protective apparel is very important especially if you are talented in sports and like to show and share your skills with the world. As much as sports are interesting, they can lead to severe injuries in the feet, legs and hands. This statement does not imply that are sporting activities are dangerous. However, most of them including simple exercise such as the aerobics can lead to severe injuries. There is a wide range of protective gears that are used to prevent various parts of the body from injuries. The common ones include: mouthguard, shoulder stabilizer and support, back braces and stabilizers, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, thumb stabilizers, knee braces, and arch braces and sleeves.  Good support apparel is made if sturdy and lightweight material, that protects the body from injury without impacting the weight during performance. Furthermore, each type of apparel serves a specific purpose.


Arch braces and sleeves are specifically designed to protect the feet and ankles.  They are essential for preventing conditions such as planter fasciitis, edema, heel pain and ankle contracture. In most cases arch braces and sleeves are made of strong compression material that enhances blood circulation in the feet. This enhances metabolism thereby preventing swelling.  The other benefit of compression material is that it does not constriction. Constriction can lower blood circulation thereby inducing pain and swelling.


The compression material is also important for preventing joint injuries. They enhance joint stabilization by covering all the necessary areas appropriately.  Some sleeves and braces are padded and infused with medical grade gel that relieves pain. Arch sleeves and braces should be used during sports activities. You do not have to be a professional athlete to use them. Injuries can occur anytime and it is important to avoid them at all costs. Some of the factors to consider when buying these products include quality, reviews, brand, material, cost and design.

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What you need to know about Asea water

When they first introduced asea water that promises to keep your body balance, we all thought that it was a scam. That was until, some people were courageous enough to use the water to see how it would affect them. And the results were amazing.

Asea water has redox properties that keep your inner balance. So, you will not feel overly thirsty or too much hydrated. Asea water is nothing but pure water which however has some organic materials put in it.

This video explains best.

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