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When you weigh over 400 lbs. you will find that the normal standard toilets will not suit you. You will find that you are ever breaking one toilet seat after the other. And this is never a cool thing. Because you will need up breaking toilet seats for your friends, in campuses, hotels and even at your in-laws. It will be a really embarrassing thing. Well, so what are you supposed to do about this?

Well you need to look for a toilet seat that fits your weight. For example we have the big john 6w that is not only sturdy but is also oversized so that you feel comfortable while using it. On top of that, the big john 6w toilet seat is raised by about 2.2 inches so that you do not have to strain using it. This factor makes it a great fit for people looking for hip replacement or those who have gone through back problems.

What to look for when looking for the best toilet seat for overweight

Here are some of the key factors as discussed on hosiped that any serious person buying toilet seats for heavy people should look into.

Weight limits

You want to check out the weight limit. Say for example that you weigh about 700lbs. Then there is no point buying a toilet seat that will only support a weight capacity of 400lbs. You will end up breaking it and investing so much money buying another, right? You are better placed if you bought a seat that would support a weight of up to 800lbs.

Large enough

Toilet seats for large people should also be oversized at the top. Why? Because obese people also tend to be bulky. So a seat like the big john 6w is a good pick. It measures about 19 inches from front to back and also from side to side. While this might look oddly big, it is good for those bariatric patients.

Raised toilet seat

Bariatric people need not bend so low while they are doing their number two. So they will require some raised toilet seats. And this where some toilets such as the big john 6w come in to their rescue.


The toilet need to be very comfortable. You see the toilet is one of those places where we all relax and have time to ourselves. It therefore need to feel great for you.


The toilet need to be stable and sturdy. No weak plastic or wiggly bumpers. Otherwise this sis going to disturb the overweight person and increase their stress levels.


The toilet seat need to be made with high quality material that will not break with ease. It need to last long so as to offer value for the money.

Easy Cleaning of your butt

When you are morbidly obese, you will also have trouble wiping your bum. I do not know how it gets but it just seems that your arms get shorter as you become fatter. But you need not worry because as you seek toilets for heavy people you will bump on this recommendation to use those that have bidet attachments on them. The good thing with these bidet attachments is that you no longer need struggle wiping. The bidet will do it for you with clean, perfurmed water and later air dry you. Even when it is chilling cold, you can adjust the temperature of the bidet water and attachment so that it is soothingly warm.

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