I am a special educational teacher at a center where we take care of kids who are living on the autism spectrum disorder as well as cerebral palsy. Most of the times, we are usually tasked with the chore of looking for toys that are going to help the kids in their development as well as educating them. Here we discuss educational toys for autistic toddlers.

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When you are buying toys for your autistic toddler, you are most probably looking for something engaging that is going to keep your kids on their toes while at the same time helping them learn how to speak as well as how to interact with others. We call them educational toys for autism and in this post we are going to look at some of the things that you need to look into when buying your toys for the kids.

  • Need to be sensory

Autistic kids are craving for tactile feedback. They want to feel touched and it has to be a strong touch. They are therefore encouraged to look for sensory toys such as the body sox that is sensory and make them feel relaxed despite how anxious they might have turned out to be owing to the situation they are in.

  • Educative since the kid is in school

The toys need to be educative capturing both theory of mind as well as creating social interaction so that the kid can slowly learn how to effectively and in a healthy way speak with others. They also need to learn just like normal kids how to pronounce words in the right way, how to read, listening skills as well as mathematical skills. Therefore, we go for toys that tell them about memorizing the alphabetical letters, number games, puzzles as well as engaging story books to enhance their reading skills.

  • Encourage social interaction

You want your kid whether verbal or non-verbal to develop friendships with others. This is something that most autistic kids struggle with but as a parent, you can make things easier for your kid by getting them toys that foster them to speak with each other as well as begin conversations.

  • Enhance imagination and creativity

A good toy needs to enhance creativity and imagination so that your kid can be innovative as well as know how to react in different occasions and situations.

  • Need to be sizable

We need to go for toys that are sizable enough so that the kid can play with them comfortably and at the same time they are not likely to swallow them.

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