There are numerous helmets in the market, but none beats the JBM Skateboard helmet in terms of quality and performance. This is why:

  • For safety, this amazing helmet is built on sturdy shell with soft liner that can absorb pressure in case of an accident or a crash. It is safety accredited.
  • The helmet is designed for use in multi-sport gear and it can be used in multiple sports such as roller skating and biking.
  • It has adjustable straps that ensure better fit.
  • There is skateboard for kids, youths and adult
  • It has multiple ventilation that helps to keep the head cool
  • The best skateboard helmet is made of special aerodynamic material and breathable foam that reduced sweating and helps to keep you relaxed while doing your sporting activity.
  • With all this features, you can buy this skate helmet online at less than $25

To be sure of the suitable sports that you would use JBM Skateboard Helmet for, here is a list: Skateboarding, scooter, cycling, scooter, skating, BMX biking, electric self balancing board, and any other activity that requires a protection gear.

The JBM Skateboard Helmet has certified the following factors that are necessary when buying a new helmet:

  1. Protective shell construction

There is nothing as important as taking care of your safety when you are involving yourself in a risky sports activity or an activity that can reason to harm. Check whether the material used to make the helmet is sturdy, light, and durable. The question should be, will it protect my head in case of a crash?

No matter the type of helmet you want to purchase, you should check the material used before being thrilled with other factors such as design. By selecting a JBM skateboard helmet doesn’t compromise the safety of your head. It is made of the ABS plastic which is the preferred helmet.

  1. Design

Once you’re sure of the type of material used for the helmet, you can check on the design to see if it satisfies your taste and preference. A best skateboard helmet should be comfortable so as to offer you positive results when performing the sport.

It should have vents to enhance circulation of air for cooling purposes. Ventilations lowers risk of sweating during hot days that can cause stroke. Lastly, check on its weight. It is a misconception that heavy helmets offer the best protection. This is untrue! Select a lightweight helmet that enhances your safety and performance.

  • Size

A lot of people make mistakes on the size when purchasing a new skateboard helmet. You will avoid this mistake if you use a tape measure, string, or ruler to determine the size of the head. Do not just make estimation!

  1. Adjustable Straps

The last thing you should observe when purchasing a helmet should be the straps. This strap assist to keep the helmet held tightly whilst permitting you to do other activities such as drinking water, open your mouth to talk, or eat a snack.



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