We have already pointed out that there are a lot of scammers in the weight loss industry. Interestingly, people seem not to get this because everyday I am faced by people who have been scammed after buying phenq diet pills from unscrupulous sources. It seems that people just like being scammed because the only source of information I trust on this diet pill is phenq reviews 2018.

So how does the scam work

It works through amazon. Yes, I just said that. But I am not blaming the giant ecommerce site in any way. If anything, amazon is just a marketplace and they get so many suppliers that they are not really able to know the best from the scammers.

That said, how are the scammers ripping off people on amazon

In a post titled Phenq from Amazon, Gnc and Walmart, the writer clearly indicates how you get scammed off phenq.They are selling phenq right but when you check the ingredients, they are nothing but placebos or will have adverse side effects. All that they are doing is branding the placebos as phenq owing to how reputable the brand is. Call it identity theft and I am sure the manufacturer is doing some litigation. But that should not make you just relax. No, do your due diligence any time you buy weight loss pills.

The real phenq contains

  • Caffeine
  • Capsimax powder
  • Nopal
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Chromium piccolinate

The fake supplements lack these ingredients or are made with other ingredients and have therefore not been tested for their efficiency.

Again if you buy your diet pill from these stores, you fail to get the following

Money back guarantee

If you buy your supplement from phenq.com you get a 100% money back guarantee in case the product does not work or comes in wrong packing.

Free Shipping

Phenq website does not charge for shipping. Amazon, gnc and Walmart might charge for this.

Offers and discounts

The official phenq website gives very tempting offers, coupons and discounts which gives you value for your money.

Quality guarantee

As we have mentioned, buying at phenq gives you an assurance of quality. Buying at other stores does not guarantee this.

Customer support

The phenq website is structured in such a way that when you arrive, you are met by this awesome and well layout website that lures you. They also have a support chat system incase you want to ask any kind of question.




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