A research conducted in 2018 showed that approximately two thirds, or 67 percent of the people in Australia are obese. A city like Queensland has actually been called the city of overweights. So big is the problem that diet pill sellers as well as gym equipment merchants are making a kill in the country. With obesity comes a big problem of urinary incontinence. This is because with extra weight on your waist, there is a lot of pressure exerted on your urinary bladder so that urine drips out of the bladder even before it is full.

Incontinence for obese people in Australia becomes an even bigger problem as one ages or have health problems. Most seniors have been found to have a urinary incontinence problem. Patients with diabetes have also been found to have an incontinence problem since their nerves are mulfunctional and as such they are not able to get a good message sent to the brain that their bladders are full.

But all hope is not lost. One can still use the following products so as to contain their incontience:

Male pouchs and penile clamps

The penile clamp extends and covers the penis so that all urine goes into it.

Female diapers and pads

Just like baby diapers, adults can also wear diapers. Most men though feel very uncomfortable at the thought of wearing diapers or something that looks like a sanitary pad. Women are howerver comfortable since they have been used to pads all throughout their lives


People who have a dire urinary incontinence problem can put on catethers. However the catether is a bit uncomfortable for most people since they feel that it is a burden to carry their urine all the way

Bariatric incontinence briefs

People who are battling with incontinence can always use bariatric incontinence briefs which have been found to fit perfectly in the plus sized Aussies. The brief looks discrete enough and actually looks like a normal boxer. It has maximum absorbency so when you are wearing it, you need not worry that you will be embarrassed when infront of people when your bladder gets full.

The brief is mostly used by men because it looks like a man’s underwear. It sticks well and so you need not worry that it will slip off when you least expect it. It also has good fabric that will not irritate your skin.

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