So I come across this performix weight loss sst review that was praising performix as a diet pill that would help me lose all the stubborn fats around my love handles and torso area and I completely sold.  I was to reap from these benefits and I therefore go ahead and buy the supplements from amazon.

performix sst

My weekly results using performix sst fat burner

Week 1:

I do my gym, take the performix as shown in the pack. I know that results will start showing in week 2. However at end of week 1, I feel lighter and more stronger to exercise.

Week 2:

Really sweating it out in the gym. My appetite is also suppressed. Feeling full most of the time.

Week 3:

My sleep has been affected. Checking the scales though, I feel motivated, I have lost 19lbs so far. My love handles are almost non existent.

Week 4:

Final week and I have lost 21lbs. Performix is indeed great in thermogenesis.


Performix sst is indeed a strong thermogenic fat burner that gets you really ripped. It does this by its unique blend of ingredients such as theacrine, eviodamine, yohimbine, kinetiq and caffeine. It however have very strong side effects such as lots of sweating which I think is because of the much heat generated from your body during thermogenesis.

You will also feel dehydrated after all the sweating and I would therefore advise anyone who is about to take it to be ready to take lots of water for hydration lest you pass out in the gym or feel a dry mouth.

What I loved about it

I was able to lose 20lbs in the 1 month. That is crazy considering that other weight loss supplements take so long before you see any tangible results.

What I loved most about performix however was the fact that I was able to lose my love handles. You see I had tried doing everything to get rid of those ugly obliques but unfortunately, nothing seems to work. All the supplements I tried made me lose weight but the stubborn love handles remained. It is then that I found a study about alpha 2 receptors and how they can be effectively blocked using yohimbine. Since yohimbine is in the performix, it saved my day.

What I didn’t like about performix sst

For one I did not like the much sweating that I went through the one month.

Due to too much caffeine in the product, I was not able to sleep for a long period. I should have read that I ought to take it only during the afternoon hours and not anything past 4.00pm.

I suffered from diarrhea, nausea and a dry mouth. This was not any good for me despite the large amount of weight I lost using the supplement. I would never go for it again, not unless the manufacturers do something about such side effects.


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