Since I started working out and lifting weights, I have grown huge athletic legs and muscular thigh over time. Though I naturally had big legs before, my legs and thighs have grown so thick that I now get issues with wearing jeans.

 When I realized this, I felt sad knowing that jeans are my favorite outfits ever. This particularly hit me I tried my usual size and although it could fit my waist, they could not go beyond the thighs. Thereafter, I came across an article stating that according to studies, wearing tight jeans was associated with causing infertility.

I tried to weigh my options between stopping to workout, stopping wearing jeans or buying baggy jeans, none of which is my preferred way of doing my outfit.

In my struggle, I came across this page that provided me with essential tips for buying jeans for guys with big thighs.  This page caught my attention and yes, it had a solution for me. The page provided different brands of relaxed men’s jeans trousers that fit properly in guys with big thighs.

Some of these brands include Calvin Klein, Levis, Dickens, and Wrangler, which come in different indexes according to my preferences.

  The first tip I found on this page on buying perfect jeans was considering my body shape. One good thing about these jeans is that they have been to accommodate different body shapes. Therefore, I had to know the dimensions of my waist, length and behind. Besides, I learned that trying the jeans out before buying them is another important thing.  Using the changing rooms is another important tip since I can get the sense and feel of the jeans using the mirrors.

The second tip I learned is avoiding buying baggy jeans. This was the best tip for me since I have an athletic body. This tip has helped me to always select jeans that highlight my athletic body. As a result, I can now choose fit jeans for my big thighs legs and buts.  Those jeans are spacious in those areas and comfortable to walk in.

I have had problems in many times when I went to buy jeans and choose perfect jeans out of many options on the display. This page taught me to choose simple jeans which also look classic. This taught me not to choose jeans with fewer details and instead go for the plan and with a more refined look, for they are more versatile.

The cut is another thing I learned to consider when buying jeans for men with big thighs.   Choosing the right cut can give you a sophisticated someone a sophisticated look as well as refinement. I can now choose jeans with straight cuts so that they do not expose my butts.

I learnt that I should consider stretch when choosing jeans. Jeans that allow stretching are ideal for guys with big thighs because they are elastic and therefore fit properly. When choosing jeans, I now go for jeans with good stretch and give me efficient freedom in movement.

I find this information very important for me because it has provided me with a quality solution for selecting my jeans at shops. I can recommend my friends to follow the tips provided and make their process of buying jeans simple and comfortable. 

Published by asea