Four Ways to Make Your Kid Speak Faster

We all want our kids to speak faster, to be the fastest in the sports lane, to be the funniest and the most energetic. We never visualize them as being slow. But the truth is far from that. Nature gives us lemons though we want apples. Parents who get nonverbal kids or those slow in speech have a hard time. Here we look at how things can be fast tracked a little bit.

Nature is funny. It gives us what we never thought we would have. I say this because I have dealt with many parents who have had nonverbal kids and seen the struggle that they go through. Here we go through the different ways that parents of nonverbal autistic kids can speed up communication in the kids.

Imitation Breeds Perfection

​As your child babbles and makes all sorts of mumbo-jumbo sounds that are incoherent, do not ignore them. Show them that you understand what they are saying and even go ahead to respond to their incoherence. This way, the child will appreciate their babbling and see it as a form of communication that need to be bettered.

Get them some play things with audio 

​You can get your kid toys and games that have audio systems. This means that it needs to have a speaker and batteries. A good example given in the Monterabbi blog by Eshter Wells is the Melissa and Doug Farm Animals puzzle with sounds. How the game works is that the child fills out the puzzle which involves getting animals in the slot and once you have the animal it the right slot, you are rewarded with a sounding off of the animal. Say for example that you have placed a cow in its rightful place, you will be rewarded with a moo sound.

After sometime of the child getting used to the game, you can remove the batteries so that the kid has to sound off themselves without having the game do it for them.

One word after the other, never a stream of words

You need to be slow when speaking with your kid. Have them master one word after the other. For example when you want them to pick a spoon, you can say the word spoon and point the object wherever it is. This way the kid will slowly learn to connect the word spoon with the object. Kids are curious being and they also like pleasing you. So they will want to say the word spoon so as to please you.