Tremors: How they affect Parkinson’s patients Plus How to Live With Them

Tremors which are a cardinal and undoubtedly the most notable symptom of Parkinson’s disease do indeed lower the quality of life for the patients. They are so severe that the patient finds it hard to do some normal activities such as eating, walking, wearing and writing.

 At the same time, they lower ones confidence because it just seems impossible to do any damn thing without the notice of everyone as well as the help of a caregiver to tie your shoe laces, hold you as you walk, sit and all that.

Going out on a date in a public place therefore becomes out of the question since the patient is so self-conscious.

In this article, we look at different ways that adaptive living products could come in to rescue the Parkinson’s patients.

  • Eating–since eating when you have tremors is such a tall order, patients would have to look for solutions. It could come through spoons that counteract the tremors such as the Gyenno and the Liftware spoon. The Gyenno has been found to reduce your tremors when eating by counteracting them by 85%. The Liftware also popularly known as the Google spoon does that by counteracting them by 70%.

Other alternatives include using weighted spoons, attaching the plates with an adhesive so that it does not move around as you eat as well as weighted wrist bands that contain your tremors.

Whatever solves your problem, try it.

  • Drinking

Due to the uncontrollable trembling of hands, Parkinson’s patients also find it hard to drink from the normal cups. Scientists have come up with these awesome non spill cups for adults. A good example is the kangaroo drinking cup that was designed by this one young girl after she found out that her grandfather would not drink due to tremors.

  • Wearing

Dressing up is also difficult for patients with PD. They would have to ask their relatives or caregivers to give them a hand. But that is dependence. And Parkinson’s patients crave for freedom to do things on their own.

Well, thanks to Silverts, they can claim back their independence with these shirts that have magnetic closures. One is able to dress with ease while appearing as though to be buttoned up.

  • Writing

The thixotropic big and ergonomic pen has come a long way to assist people with arthritis as well as Parkinson’s be able to write with ease. The pens are fat and big with a good grip so that one can hold onto it easily even when they have limited dexterity.