When people get Alzheimer’s dementia, they are highly likely to do things that they would never attempt were they doing okay. Alzheimer’s dementia mostly affects old people and is a neural degenerative disease. One of the biggest risks that they have to live with is the risk of falls from the bed when they are getting up. They also risk getting lost since most of the times they want to wander away and this could lead them to easily getting lost.

While working at an elderly home, I have found out that medical caregivers and nurses can avert this dangers by getting some bed leaving alarms or even pagers that will alert them whenever the elderly person is at the brink of getting lost or falling off from the bed.

According to Hosiped, the bed alarm should be placed under the mattress pad where the patient is sleeping and anytime they are attempting to get out of the bed, the bed alarm will detect such movement and alert the caregiver who should then promptly head over to where the elderly person is lying and help them out of the bed without causing any dangers.

How to minimize risks of bed falls

  • Make sure that the elderly has gone to pee before bed so that they do not feel the urge and go to the toilet unsupervised.
  • Make sure that the bed has bed rails
  • Make sure that the patient is comfortable
  • The bed room should be kept moist free to avoid falling
  • Have motion sensors in the patient’s bedroom that are going to detect any movement that might cause a fall.
  • Have pets near the patient as they tend to make them feel loved and have companionship around them—which is a thing that most demented person do crave.
  • Have them well fed because they might want to get out of bed and grab some food and in the process, they might fall and injure themselves.

Published by asea